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We run crowdsourced campaigns around causes, inviting artists to build collections of original, visual, meaningful content. We are a growing creative community of thousands of artists & designers around the world. Our campaigns are not contests, we welcome everyone to participate. We turn their beautiful designs into, prints, and other meaningful merchandise, made with care in the US. Learn more about CAN

Artist Spotlight

Meet the Artist: Roberlan Borges

August 21, 2014

Roberlan Borges was born and raised in a small Brazilian city called Vitória. From this home base he has contributed to four CAN campaigns, his latest being Vote The Environment. We asked him to be in an artist spotlight blog post and here are his candid answers to our questions.    Describe how you became an artist. The first time i thought of myself as an artist, I was very young. The first things I started to draw were robots and cameras, don't ask me why—maybe because I liked science fiction a lot. I never stopped drawing and in 1993 I got my first computer and started making digital art with Paintbrush. I never really worked with traditional painting mediums.  ...

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