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We run crowdsourced campaigns around causes, inviting artists to build collections of original, visual, meaningful content. We are a growing creative community of thousands of artists & designers around the world. Our campaigns are not contests, we welcome everyone to participate. We turn their beautiful designs into, prints, and other meaningful merchandise, made with care in the US. Learn more about CAN

Artist Spotlight

Meet the Artist: Luis Prado

September 04, 2014

Luis Prado is from Tucumán in Northwest Argentina, but now he lives in another northwestern part of a different country (Olympia, Washington in the US of A). Luis' vibrant work can be found in many CAN campaigns (including our latest, Vote The Environment), so we emailed and asked him a few questions. Read on to find insight into the mind of this amazing artist.    Please tell us how you became an artist.. There was this painting on the wall at my grandparents home that I remember drawing, I must have been five. In elementary school my classmates would ask me to draw their favorite soccer players. Eventually, I gravitated to visual communications. Thinking that fine arts may not be financially rewarding,...

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